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About RHG

The Retirement Housing Group (RHG) is a membership organisation that represents organisations providing all types and tenures of retirement housing in the UK. It is the only body of its type in the country.

We believe retirement housing can provide a great solution to people looking for more assistance and support in later life. However, because of many restraints the UK does not currently build enough new housing suitable for older people.

Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Improve the housing choices for the growing number of older people in the UK
  • Promote the benefits of retirement housing
  • Increase its supply and provide advice and support around standards
  • Bring evidence and solutions to decision makers and contribute to government consultations
  • Undertake research and demonstrate demand
  • Alert local authorities to the level of need in their area
  • Engage central and local government to show how barriers to development can be overcome
  • Advise on how planning policies can meet the housing needs of older people.

Our Members

Our members represent all parts of the retirement housing sector, including those providing retirement housing with care and with support, and across all tenures, as well as other organisations supporting the sector and providing services. This means we cover the full range of issues from designing, planning, building, selling and managing housing across all tenures for people who are retired.

We were first set up in 1995 and operated as part of the Home Builders Federation, and then we became independent in 2011.

Read more about our policy recommendations for increasing the supply of retirement housing here.

Who is the RHG for?

Membership is open to all private and public sector bodies who are involved in the UK retirement property industry. All of our members are focused on improving the supply and quality of retirement housing, for sale, shared ownership and rent. Many members are also involved in designing, planning, building, selling and managing housing across all tenures for people who are retired.

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